pain-free containers

No Dockerfiles. No setup. No need for Docker Hub. Small codebase in Bash. Two-step installation. No sudo. Made for personal use. Pretty environment inside containers. Well documented. Portable. Free under BSD licence. Other container engines soon. Almost no dependencies... and no need to convince your team to use it.


Cryptocurrencies are the preferred way to make a donation.

  • Bitcoin 36GN5qTZUaRmQA2fwAycuzyVwgF2AvJqbB
  • USDT or USDC
    • ERC20: 0xb13017a44971949a92ca6bdd52de66e503da6b06
    • SOL: HPog28TU8p4CqogHG4vc3yX4RsAAprgjFqXBXm72syKj
    • TRC20: TKcqvjbpYTku3GJm2DapF7FjN6rwzngWwA
  • Monero 457Z4RWmrNDhPb8jY59DqUbgXG3mjmLoYZhHiUERWEcL4P4URyKWkdGA5odRe7uXbvQyEBsm5hDYnYzrNtwhgECc3PHCCSE
  • Litecoin MCrMFbQyXWFMHpSNMHMbcGUVtoNV5mZq4X
  • Dogecoin DFzJYy3hfeFyfnQy37ZksS8FVqYfgEqwVF
  • Bitcoin Cash qqf92n7ny6p87dmn5tytt5n9l7rv5q4s35yl6p5nnm
  • Ethereum 0xb13017a44971949a92ca6bdd52de66e503da6b06

International wire transfers

Unfortunately, with the current situation in the world, it's becoming increasingly more difficult to receive donations via traditional payment systems. Please contact me in case you'd like to make a wire transfer - it is possible to transfer funds to an account opened with a bank in a neutral jurisdiction.